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Who am I,

Well, where shall I start? Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I started my journey called live in 1963. Having lived in the Capital of Holland for some years I lived in various places like Groningen, Nieuwegein and at the moment in Apeldoorn.

I am married to Christa who is also a photographer, but most of all she is my make-up artist and assistant for my photoshoots &- projects. It is often said, there is always a strong woman behind a “successful” man (or the other way around), but in my case I surely would not have been where I am today with my photography (and life) if it was not for her.

Chaim the photographer

I started my “career” as a photographer early 2010. My father turned 70 and together we visited his home country Surinam (South America). Although I almost started to take pictures many times in my life, it was not before this event that I finally made an attempt to get serious with this hobby.

I do not walk around with my camera every day, but I live and breathe photography all the time. Although it is just a hobby (which got fairly out of hand), I take my photography very seriously. Due to circumstances I am not working anymore, but my photography is my way to express myself, to give meaning to my life and to get in touch with myself.

I do not make pictures, I am my pictures! “create your own world”

My work

It is difficult to describe my work or my style, it does not fit in a box (I hope). I think you can divide  it in 2 categories, first model & glamour en second fine art, concept photography as you will.

It is a joy to make (model) glamour pictures. In this kind of photography the model is the centre of it all. I like to create an atmosphere of luxury, mystic, over the top or a certain emotions that grabs the viewer.  However, you will (almost) never see a model with a smile in my work. I like to portray a certain  “absence”.

The kind of photography which I like the most is what I call “fine art” or concept photography. Here I have a plan, a path from an idea in my head to the actual photograph or series of photograph.
Here the model is subordinate, just a means to an end.

Through these pictures I want to reach deep into emotions, ask questions about the whys and hows containing life, making the viewer to ask questions, I want to make waves.

I do not care if you like these particular photographs or dislike them, as long as they do something to you (or with you).


Like I said, certain circumstances made that I do not work anymore, so to be a photographer for hire ….. I do not say no, but we have to sit down and discuss your ideas. They have to fit into my way of working and thinking, but perhaps we can come to something very special together.

Anyway, enjoy, dislike or at the worst hate my work, but I hope you will be moved by it.

Chaïm Bruijning